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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fun Times in Sydney

Well I'm back from my adventures across the water. We had a great time, shopping, site seeing, boat riding, going to luna park (you know it's awesome) and learning a thing or two about the place:

1. Banana bread is EVERYWHERE in Sydney (this is not an exaggeration)
2. There are hardly any cafe's 
3. No-one is over size 12
4. There are no public toilets

Four things which proved to become a little annoying as time went on. Particularly the toilet thing. Even restaurants seem to lack toilets. Have any of you noticed this?

We also did a lot of eating, finding mostly Asian food. A little unexpected at first, but when you see that China Town takes up a large part of Sydney it's not too surprising.

We had our first meal in China Town where we were literally bombarded by people trying to get us into their restaurants. We ended up settling for this which was from one of the many food carts on the road:

Which looks tasty, yes. But it wasn't. Jo's (the top one) was soya noodle knots which were incredibly bland and mine was noodles with coriander and about 10 tablespoons of different types of liquid that came out of suspectable squeezy bottles.

We learn't fast not to go back. However, it did rate higher than my last dinner in Sydney which was from a Korean restaurant, where my chicken was served stone cold and filled with bones and blood. Not so ideal. Jo let me share her dinner which was thankfully very tasty.

We did manage to find something to satisfy our westernized palates however. It was potentially the tastiest meal we had during our entire stay. It was salty, greasy, delicious, and brought sweet memories of home. Yes, believe it or not, our favourite meal happened to be this:

Fish and Chips (feesh and Cheeps). I know right, the only thing we really loved was fish and chips. How cultured and 'out there' are we? If it helps, we were ravenous.

From throwing up in the rubbish bin at luna park (Jo, not me), to finding my dream boots at half price, to cart-wheeling outside the Opera House, Sydney was great. A must see for all.

Let me know if you ever plan to go there - I'll be sure to give you the details of the Korean place so you don't get disappointed with cold, bloody chicken too :)