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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Popping Delicious

For a while now I've had my eyes on these and finally decided to give them ago today. I was pleasantly surprised when they turned out just as they should. I think they would make the best wee treats for a little one's birthday party or any party for that matter. Once you get the imagination cranking I'm sure you could turn them into a range of different things. Check out Bakerella for ideas.

It was a bit fiddley and a little time consuming (thankfully I'm on holiday) but definitely worth it. To start off, you need a cake. I just made a simple chocolate cake and once cooked and cooled, I processed it in a food processor.

I then got my hands in there and mixed in some typically American "Aunt Betty's Fosting" -this stuff is seriously delicious by the way.

Once all mixed together, you roll the mixture into balls then place in the freezor for 10-15 minutes.

When firm, you take them out of freezor and using a wee flower shape cookie cutter, you press the cutter into the ball to form a 'cup cake' shape.

You then place the cupcake shapped mixture back into the freezor for another 10-15 minutes, get them out again and then dip their little bottoms into melted dark chocolate.

They will look a bit messy like above, but will look prettier as the chocolate dries. I also tried some plain round ones too. You could decorate these more if desired.

Dip their tops in a different colour (I used melted white chocolate with a bit of red food colouring), sprinkle hundreds of thousands on top and place an m & m on top to finish.

Cute huh? I will definitely be making these again at some stage. Maybe for my niece's 5th birthday which is coming up...


  1. Nice Blog!

    Greetings from Greece!

  2. Oh how cute and temptingly yummy. I'm afraid i wouldn't want those around they look too easy to eat and too hard to keep count (as i eat hundreds of calories later!). Perfect for a children's party though!

  3. Oh these look so great. Where did you get the little sticks from? I've been looking everywhere for some.

  4. Opps sorry I forgot to mention the sticks! I found them in spotlight. I'm beginning to grow quite fond of that store:)

  5. They tasted fantastic and thats coming from someone with not much of a sweet tooth.