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Friday, March 26, 2010

A little over-board?

I made a promise to my boyfriend a long time ago that I would make him a cake - not just any cake however, his favourite- carrot cake (with cream cheese icing of course). Although it's a few months later, I finally made one tonight.

I'm all about my decorating at the moment and have been wanting to try out my Nutbrown Icing Set that I was given a while ago. Unfortunately it didn't work so well i.e. it fell apart (darn)! So yet again I reverted to my trust worthy Icing set from the super market...

I didn't really have any decorating 'plan' in mind which is perhaps why I went a little over-board:

And a little more still:

...and just a tad more:Walnuts!

No matter what, you can never go too over-board with cream cheese least that's what I think. I know my boyfriend would agree to that.

I'm off to lick the rest of the bowl! Mmm..

Hope you all have a happy weekend.x


  1. Oh, that does look delicious Sarah and I just had a naughty would work very well for throwing at someone too (if you were so inclined )...cream on the face !

  2. Well I don't quite know what to say except that I will make sure I stay well away from you next time I bake a cake!

  3. hahaha! that is too funny. Sarah, your cake looks lovely, good enough to eat. or throw. heheheee. :)