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Monday, August 23, 2010

Pumpkin meets pancake and oh, something to tell you...

Third pumpkin recipe: Pancakes. Pumpkin in pancakes. A little strange huh? But totally delicious. I came across the recipe when I was browsing through one of my favourite blogs,  Joy The Baker. She really is great.
She found the recipe from Martha Stewart which can be found here.

A few friends came over to eat them with me. They were skeptical of the pumpkin in a pancake too before they had their first was I. But they were so yum! A must try by all. Do it.

My pumpkin is shrinking fast:

And in other news...

In case you didn't quite catch that, that's a ring on my finger. My ring finger that is. YES, the boy popped the question and now we're engaged! I've been dying to tell you but had to wait until all the fam-dam, and close friends knew first.

So I'm a tad bit excited at the moment. You'll have to excuse my giddiness for a wee while, because I think it's going to linger for some time until the excitement wears off. Yippeee, wedding plans here we come!


  1. OH MY! How thrilling! Congratulations and Many many Blessings to you both!!

    That's so funny, i did notice the ring before you said anything, thinking, hmmm...that looks alot like mine, how pretty...

    What wonderful news, so much to look forward to!

    and you won't believe it but i've done the martha stewart pumpkin pancakes, yum!


  2. Congratulations!!
    And those pumpkin pancakes look amaaaaaaaazing.

  3. Thanks you guys! Yes we're very excited. Perhaps even more so than about these pumpkin pancakes.. ;)

  4. Sarah--Congratulations!!!
    ...and what a lovely ring, too!
    He is a lucky, lucky man to get such a sweet wife and excellent cook!
    Best wishes all around, and please keep us abreast of all of the fun details...dress, color of attendants' gowns, jewelry, etc, etc.

  5. Thanks Heather! You're so sweet.
    I will most definitely keep you all posted on the plans :)