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Monday, September 20, 2010

Baking Date

My friend Sophia and I have something in common. We love to bake. So much so, that we actually have dates where we do just that. Don't judge us. It's a fantastic night really. It involves a trip to the supermarket to get pumpkin soup and garlic bread (special stuff, not the one wrapped in tinfoil), and perhaps some cheese and crackers then back to mine where we get busy in the kitchen, followed by a dvd whilst eating whatever we've made. Bliss.

She came around a while ago and we made this AMAZING Lemon Cheese Pudding. It was so incredibly delicious that we made it again the other night. The name of this pudding is a little deceiving however, as it contains no cheese. In fact, the thing I love the most about this recipe, is that it contains no 'special' ingredients at all and yet it tastes so darn good. I think it might be one of those really old-school Edmonds recipes. Ah Edmonds.

Anyway you're probably wondering how to make this wee slice of heaven. Here goes:

Lemon Cheese Pudding


1 tbsp butter          Rind and juice of 1 lemon
1/2 cup sugar         1 cup milk
2 tbsp flour            2 eggs (separated)
A pinch of salt

The how-to:

- Pre-heat oven to 170 degrees Celsius. Boil a half- full kettle of water. 
- Beat egg whites until stiff. 
- Cream butter and sugar. 
- Add flour, salt, lemon (rind and juice) milk and egg yolks (Ooo, plus I think a few added tablespoons of coconut would go down nicely at this stage. Give it a go?)
- Pour mixture into three ramekins, or a large dish (ramekins are way more fun) and place these in a pan of boiling water for 15 minutes (longer if in large dish).

Serve with greek yogurt or vanilla ice cream.

Heaven in a ramekin I tell you. 


  1. Helloooo sarah!
    Wow... your blog makes me want to go to Aro cafe and eat their cake...
    I love baking but only make one cake and it's very healthy and oaty-licious!
    Where in NZ are you from? I saw pictures of Kevin and he looks familiar! Although, it is NZ....
    I work in a shop in town and have for ages... I'm sure the whole of NZ has come through at some point!!!!!
    OK, I'm leaving your blog before my apple becomes just not enough and I raid the pantry!

  2. Hi!
    Mmm Aro Cafe...
    I'm originally from Nelson (so is Kevin) but I've been in Wellington for roughly five years and kev four years. New Zealand is small huh? I'll ask him if he knows you.
    What shop do you work at?

  3. Baking date sounds fun. And this defintely looks yummy!