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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chirstmas and Jamie Oliver

Christmas has come and gone. All the madness, all the stress, all the worry- for one day. Its crazy isn't it?

My mum and I spent most of the morning cooking and preparing food. A pretty well spent christmas morning, I think.

The Christmas tree, which was stacked to the branches with presents is now shadowing over bare carpet. It is pretty usual not to be able to guess what a christmas present is when all wrapped up. However, is it still usual to not able to guess what it is after you open it? I didn't think it was, so I was a little bemused when I unwrapped this:

Any ideas what it is?

If you think you know, leave a comment below with your answer and email address. I'll draw your names out of a hat on Tuesday, 12pm. The winner will recieve their very own copy of the latest Jamie Oliver Magazine.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.x


  1. I'm thinking it's to fill cupcakes or something like that? Sounds like a fun Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas! Yours sounds very much like ours, family, food, presents, music and laughter (well, and there was surfing too as the waves got big!)
    Is that a turkey baster? or a pastry filler? Love Jamie Oliver, though i've not seen his magazine. Thanks for offering this!

  3. Could it be for filling baked potatoes with cheese sauce or sour cream filling?
    Happy, happy New Year!!
    (I just love your whole family!!) :)