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Sunday, July 11, 2010


When I was little, I was told that sleeping with one pillow instead of two would make me taller. I quickly became a one-pillow child after that. I also became quite particular about my pillow: It had to be chunky, firm but soft, fluffy and full-bodied. I still hold this pillow criteria today. Well, that was up until to a few days ago when I discovered something amazing. Something that took my pillow criteria to a new level- an edible kind. You won't believe it until you see it. I didn't believe at first either. But it changed me when I saw it. From a one-pillow person to a several pillow-person. Several pillow cookie person that is. Yes, a pillow cookie. Are you ready to see what that looks like?

Here goes...

Ta-dah! No that isn't just a big chocoate chunk in the middle. It's a BROWNIE chunk! Yes you read correctly. It's a brownie inside a cookie. I know, i know! I'm excited too. Two heavenly things paired together to make one holy goodness.

My flatmate and I made them together as a wee Saturday afternoon delight. And delightful they were.

I found the recipe here. From the one and only Bakerella.

Judging by how excited you are (I know you are..) here is the how to:

Make a batch of brownies (any recipe will be fine, we used this one).

While these are cooking, make your favourite chocolate chip cookie mixture (preferably one that makes a few cookies, check out the one on Bakerella if you can't find one). When the brownies are cooked, cut them into little tiny squares. Then...

Take some mixture:

Form a ball with the mixture. Then make a hole in the ball, and place the brownie inside, wrapping the mixture around it as you go.

Roll the ball as you would with a normal cookie and gently press it with a fork.

Place in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius and bake for 12-15 minutes.

Now, that's what I call a pillow. Well, a pillow cookie. Maybe these are what I have been needing to grow taller! There's still hope...


  1. oh my, I'm not sure about growing taller, but perhaps growing wider would have a better chance! These look so yum.

  2. Haha yeah totally! Not so good for the waste line , but they're worth it.

  3. Haha sarah, why would you want to get taller?
    ps They do look good. I also like the hand in one of the pictures.

  4. Ha, definitely not good for the waistline, I am thinking , but very good for the soul.

  5. When are there going to be more tasty treats?

  6. They look incredible! Loving your yarns